New Faith Promise Goal for 2021 is $35,200

Our Missions Ministry is driven by the Lord’s command to go into all the world and preach the Gospel! Our method to raise mission support is through the annual Faith Promise Rally. This method of giving to world-wide evangelism and Christian endeavor is designed for members and attenders to commit by faith to an amount above their regular tithes and offerings to be given specifically to local and worldwide missions that we support. Below is a listing of the missions we support.

Home Missions

Kentucky Christian University

100 Academic Pkwy (144.87 mi)
Grayson, Kentucky 41143

(606) 474-3000

Kentucky Christian University 

New Church Building

Tonawanda Church of Christ
35 Summit St.
Tonawanda, NY 14150

Upstate New York


Virginia/West Virginia Evangelism – Harold Goins

Rt. 3 Box 336-A
Bluefield,WV 24701

Foreign Missions

Haitian Christian Mission

Uchenna Bekee, Nigeria,

Church Of Christ Prison Staff School , Port Harcourt / Hidden Treasure Christian High School


Mashoko-Hippo Valley:

The Pemberton Families, 132 W Main St, Grayson, KY 41143


Yotam Theu, Evangelist in Malawi 

Philippine Mission Churches of Christ, Northern Luzon, Philippones

Philippine Mission Churches of Christ, Northern Luzon, Philippines
Esmelito L. Acson,  Administrator, Apparri Bible Seminary, new_abs2004@yahoo.com

Southwest India Christian Mission, Kerala, India 
John Mathew, joy1974@sancharnet.in

TCM, International Institute

PO Box 24560
Indianapolis, IN 46224

(317) 299-0333

T.C.M. International