You do not have to take the journey alone!

We want you to know that the Christian Journey is one not to be taken alone. As we learn together to listen to Jesus Christ on a daily basis there are times that we need encouragement.

Our invitation is to have you join with us in this journey. Come and join us this week. If you have questions prior to coming we would be more than happy to answer any questions  you might have about who we are or what we believe.

At the New Point Christian Church we believe in the Bible as the whole Word of God’s truth. We believe that essentially the Church of God is one and we encourage every true believer to rally united upon the truth of that Word! There are far too many schisms and factions in existence today among those who claim Jesus as Lord. There is as much need now for the Church to be restored to the New Testament order as there was in the early 19th century when John Smith, Barton W. Stone, Alexander Campbell, and Thomas Campbell made a plea for unity among all believers. This unity is not possible through ecumenicalism. This is possible only by the laying aside of manmade creeds and doctrines that separates believer into “ites” and “isms.”

So welcome to our site and look around. We look forward to seeing you !

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